ONEtoONE is our learning and training methodology which will take new and experienced operators alike from initial learning to full on-the-job experience in a shorter time, with a higher learning yield and operational accuracy than any other available training and operational support platform.


Experience gained from 3-4 months in simulator estimated to be worth 3-4 years of on-site work experience!


Train as you play

One of the key components in achieving maximum learning yield is keeping your practice as close as possible to how you are expected to perform in actual operations.


Learn and forget

Academic research into the learning process shows that one of the greatest challenges of learning new knowledge or skills is that we start forgetting our newly won know-how as soon as the learning process ends. The physical-, kognitive-, emotional- and/or time distance between the learning and practice environements significantly reduce the transformation of learning into pracitce.

What is ONEtoONE simulation

The simulator is set up as a mirror image of the real world operational environment. In order to be a mirror image  simulator it has to incorporate all technology used including human machine interfaces to a level where the software and hardware versions are copied from the operational environment to produce a mirror image experience for the operators using the simulator.


A ONEtoONE+ simulator is integrated into the actual operating platform. You simulate and train from your using your actual work station during work hours.


This training is is executed during low intensity periods. This training will give the operators high impact volume training with ONEtoONE tranformation of training into operational performance. 


The EmergencyPerform ONEtoONE simulator platform is a skills and experience building enabler.


«The EmergencyPerform simulation gives us the chance to integrate training into our daily operations. This will give unprecedented opportunities for our operators to build experience and develop their skills every day. We expect significant improvement in emergency response time, and the medical precision in our operations.»

Thomas Lindner, MD, PhD, Director RAKOS – The Regional Centre for Emergency Medical Research and Development

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