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On average 17 calls are made every second to emergency call centres across Europe and in the USA. Over the next 50 days a further 74 000 000 emergency calls have been placed. 

EmergencyPerform is a ONEtoONE disruptive, cloud based training simulator and decision support technology developed for the emergency and health and social care sectors with expert and managment input from the emergency and medical sector in Norway, Germany and the USA. EmergencyPerform combines the characteristics of advanced visual and voice artificial intelligence avatars, neural networks real- time data gathering, machine learning and artificial intelligence based analytics and statistic modeling into a 360 degree training and operational support platform.

«We expect 1:1 simulation training to become a key instrument in the quest for more sustainable emergency medical services. By empowering the emergency medical call center operatives with new and higher levels of on-the-job performance skills we believe:

  • More lives will be saved

  • Reduced follow-on consequences of acute illnesses and injuries

  • Improved gate keeper function - right patient, right treatment, right time, right place - reduced number of non-critical admissions to emergency care units

  • Improved resource management - reduced non-critical use of ambulance- and other emergency resources»

Steinar Olsen, Director, Department of Emergency Medical Services, Norwegian Directorate for Health



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